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The sales success of our flat caps speaks for itself. The Róka cap is something special and enjoys great popularity thanks to its uniqueness. Regular customers testify to our product’s quality.

We are represented at artisan markets, trade fairs and other events across Germany throughout the year.

Róka caps—for women, too

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You will find us at the following markets and trade fairs:

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Benefits of the Róka cap: unique, handmade, sustainable, top quality, machine washable up to 30°C (caps with a wool shell: up to 20°C), ironable (at iron setting 2), and fully manufactured in Berlin/Brandenburg, Germany.

If you wear a Róka cap once, you want to wear it forever
quote by one of our satisfied customers
Well done, guys. From now on I’ll be wearing only Róka caps
quote by another satisfied customer
The cap is very pleasant to wear—you can hardly feel it
quote by several satisfied customers
People often compliment me on my Róka cap
quote by several satisfied customers
When two Róka caps meet, it’s a celebration!
quote by another Róka cap fan

Our flat caps are designed by us and are therefore unique and a joy to wear. They are produced entirely by us in Berlin in a sustainable manner, and they are washable, ironable and top quality. Feel free to look around our online shop. Or come and visit our stall in any of several craft markets, where you’ll be welcome to try on as many caps as you like.


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All flat caps can also be delivered in special sizes.